QleeQ Universe Senseing (tm) or Q?

QleeQ is very proud to present the QleeQ Universe Sensing feature. 

It will further enable you to get a much more complex and dynamic results for our queries.

Sometimes you don’t know the Sensetence. You want to inquire ‘how many calories a one-mile run is burning’. You don't know how many calories though, so how can you complete the questions??

Well, now you can, with QleeQ Universe Sense ™ !

The syntax is as follows - wherever you don't know the how to complete of the question, write ?? (anywhere in the sentence, but only once with one space before and after). Pressing the Sense it now button, will show results in the right top panel called QleeQ Universe, along with an extra 5 other results) for you to click (at a descending order). So now you can try it yourself -

What is the brightest star in the sky? You want QleeQ to answer that for you? Either enter QleeQ.com and enter the Sensetence ?? is the brightest star in the sky , or click the below link
QleeQ will present “the dog star / Sirious”-  and will present the Mindtence

Let's try another one -
What is the Second brightest star in the sky?
either enter QleeQ.com and enter ?? is the second brightest star in the sky or click the below link
QleeQ Will present “Canopus is the second brightest star in the sky” with its Mindtense

Which prize did Obama won??
Try at QleeQ.com – Obama won the ?? Prize
or press the link below -

How many dimensions the String theory predicts ??
Try at QleeQ.com – String theory more than ?? dimensions
or press the link below -
Enjoy and please reply with your feedback to info@QleeQ.com 

Dan Schamir
CEO   QleeQ

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