QleeQ Order Sensing ™ - Q!

QleeQ is Proud to present – state of the art – cutting edge feature - 
QleeQ Order Sensing ™ - Q!

QleeQ Order Sensing ™ - Q! is specially designed for order sensitive Sensetences (QleeQ Sentences) like comparison - Better Than, Nicer etc.
Normally writing a sentence in Search engines, will not consider the order of the words, because a search engine uses key words and not a semantic full sentence meaning. QleeQ’s Q! will also include the words Order.

There is much to write and say about QleeQ Order Sensing ™, but I feel that an example will be much clearer –

Which president was better – Bush or Obama – let’s inquire the Internet’s Opinion -
1.     Writing Bush is better than Obama - will return a score (say 72%), but is it the right order?
2.     Write - !!Bush is better than Obama – and you’ll get another result (say rank 30%)
3.     Write - !!Obama is better than bush - and now you will get the real result!

w QleeQ Order Sensing ™ is all about the order!
Another example -
Vista is better than Windows 7 – presumably the Mindtence (QleeQ’s result) is high - is it true?
Try now using the QleeQ Order Sensing ™ and write !!Vista is better than Windows 7 – and gets the real result
You can also write the Q! version - !!Windows 7 is better than Vista and see the real meaning of what you wanted to enter.

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Dan Schamir

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