QleeQ Mobile - Fastest and Easiest way to sum up the Internet - from anywhere


QleeQ believes in Mobile. Look at the below details - 

1. Right now there are more Mobile devices held by personal people than Personal Computers, 
2. The number of smartphones is by-passing the non-smart ones
I believe the number of the above will doubly in the next decade.

The reason is simple, the Internet accessibility by smartphones from almost anywhere is becoming an integral part of our lives.

This also brings the problem closer than ever to us - the overwhelming amount of data and information on the web with a relative slow connection and small screen.

QleeQ is offering now a mobile version at www.QleeQ.mobi, with reduced functionality. It allows users to surf the web and instantly get an answer or the Internet's common opinion about any issue or subject. E.g., 
1. You are at Barnes & Noble and you'd like to know the indifferent opinion about a book,
2. You are at the cinema and you are wondering which movie is more romantic
3. You are at Radio Shack and thinking which Bluetooth USB is faster  

Now the problem is easily solved - go to www.QleeQ.mobi and find your answer


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