QleeQ Intelligence - Advance syntax

QleeQ Intelligence enables having the Internet Common Opinion about everything from the Internet.
Decision makers and analytic persons can type any query in a Natural Language and in a click of a button get a simple and inuitive dashboard of results

In QleeQ Intelligence, write queries like "X is better than Y" or "Z is the best" and much more.

QleeQ Intelligenceoffers some advanced syntax as well to further inquire about your interests

QleeQ Sensetence ™ advanced syntax
For situations where you’ll need more in-depth advanced feature from QleeQ™ use the advanced features as described bellow. For more information, please contact our support at support@QleeQ.com

Q# - QleeQ Sharp™ presents the Absolute rank of a query - positive minus negative - example: ##Sensetence - 

##I Love America
Q! – QleeQ Order™ - presents the Rank of the accurate order of a the words in the query - example: !!Sensetence -

!!Windows 8 is better than Vista 
Q~ - QleeQ Time™ - presents the Rank of a query only for the specific year mentioned. example: Sensetence~~20YY 

Obama is a good president~~2012

Q~~t – QleeQ Past Trend™ - presents the last five years trend of a query - example: Sensetence~~t 

Oil prices rose~~t

Q~~n – QleeQ Future Trend™ - presents the next five years trend of the query - example: Sensetence~~n 

Oil prices will rise~~n

Q? – QleeQ Universe™ - Auto Complete - presents the 5 best results of a partial query - example: ??Sensentence or Sensentence?? or Sensentence1 ?? Sensentence 2

?? is the best laptop

For more assistance, please drop us an email at support@QleeQ.com
Dan Schamir
QleeQ   CEO


QleeQ is ranked #1 in Google Search

If you are searching - Internet Intelligence in Google - out of more than 16 million results - QleeQ the Internet Intelligence Agency - is ranked #1 (QleeQ Internet Intelligence in Google Search)

And also, If you are searching - Internet Wisdom in Google - out of more than 113 million results - QleeQ providing Internet Wisdom - is ranked #1 (QleeQ Internet Wisdom in Google Search)



QleeQ Interview - CEO - Dan Schamir

After winning top three in the event held in Tel Aviv University by Blumberg Capital and Israel Startup Network - comes the interview.

Ryan Clarke interviews Dan Schamir - QleeQ CEO about the concept and the success.


Dan Schamir

Amazon bomb

Yet another great Hebrew article in Newsgeek.co.il - the Amazon bomb

Can't happen in QleeQ - http://www.newsgeek.co.il/doing-it-the-google-way/


SEO will kill the search engine?

a great Hebrew article by Newsgeek.co.il

Can't happen in QleeQ -



QleeQ won top three Startups in Israel!

I'm happy to inform you that last week QleeQ was selected as one of the top three companies out of a group of 65 startup applicants and 16 finalists at a Pitch Fest held in cooperation with Blumberg Capital, Israel Startup Network and Shiluvim, the Alumni Club of Tel Aviv University’s Engineering School!

Among the panel members and judges were: Blumberg Capital, Microsoft, Granot Incubator, JVP, Ads Market and other Entrepreneurs and investors.

QleeQ ™ – the Internet’s Intelligence Agency™ - provides a simple and intuitive way to ask a question and get the Internet’s Common Opinion on any issue. We specialize in intangible wisdom such as: what is the best movie, player, team, the better of two products, who will win sports games, is he a good president, and much more.

The Pitch Fest award follows our winning first prize at the Israel Startup Weekend – an event which was endorsed by IBM, Google and several VCs.  Following these successes we now begin Marketing our offerings globally. 

For more details please refer to - 

Sincerely yours,
Dan Schamir
CEO   QleeQ


QleeQ attack

Thursday our vigilant operations guys and users detected a targeted attack against some of our production infrastructure.  The attack resulted in an exploit of several servers, and we have proactively shut down a handful of users' centric services to safeguard data and protect the majority of our services.

Our immediate priorities are to prevent further exposure and ensure data integrity.  We’ve had all hands on deck working on identifying the exploit vector, eliminating them, and are now focusing on verifying data integrity and restoring the impacted services.
The problem was initially discovered on QleeQ.com servers but our analysis indicates that several other machines were involved, and while we believe we've determined the extent of the attack, we are verifying all of our other services and data.
Once the immediate response to this attack is over, we will be providing a detailed account of the 'back to normal' mode.
Thank you for your understanding
Dan Schamir
QleeQ  CEO