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Yet another post about and from QleeQ – Sensing the Internet for Wisdom.
I wanted to give you some interesting Hot queries that people have entered in our system lately. You can check them out at www.QleeQ.com

Israel has nuclear weapons
God exist
God does not exist
Caffeine is good
Caffeine is bad
Obama is a good president
Obama is a bad president
Vaccination cause Autism
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel
UFOs are real
Running Burn 100 calories per mile
Antabuse is a treatment for alcoholism
Asbestos cause cancer
Black BMW is pretty
Britney Spears is Sexy
Celine Dion is pregnant with twins
Lady Gaga Lesbian
Cigarettes are bad
Cigarettes are good
Coca Cola is bad
Crisis continues 2010
Crisis end 2010
Elvis is alive
Elvis is dead
Enviga Calorie Burn
Facebook is a Sin
Fast food cause obesity
I love Israel
iPhone 4 Loses Reception
Lenovo is the best laptop
Mcdonalds causes cancer
Mcdonalds food causes healthiness
Michael Jordan best NBA player
Mineral water is a risk for baby
Muslims are not terrorists
Obama win the Nobel prize
HP is innovative
Toyota cars are safe
coffee kill snails