QleeQ won top three Startups in Israel!

I'm happy to inform you that last week QleeQ was selected as one of the top three companies out of a group of 65 startup applicants and 16 finalists at a Pitch Fest held in cooperation with Blumberg Capital, Israel Startup Network and Shiluvim, the Alumni Club of Tel Aviv University’s Engineering School!

Among the panel members and judges were: Blumberg Capital, Microsoft, Granot Incubator, JVP, Ads Market and other Entrepreneurs and investors.

QleeQ ™ – the Internet’s Intelligence Agency™ - provides a simple and intuitive way to ask a question and get the Internet’s Common Opinion on any issue. We specialize in intangible wisdom such as: what is the best movie, player, team, the better of two products, who will win sports games, is he a good president, and much more.

The Pitch Fest award follows our winning first prize at the Israel Startup Weekend – an event which was endorsed by IBM, Google and several VCs.  Following these successes we now begin Marketing our offerings globally. 

For more details please refer to - 

Sincerely yours,
Dan Schamir
CEO   QleeQ


QleeQ attack

Thursday our vigilant operations guys and users detected a targeted attack against some of our production infrastructure.  The attack resulted in an exploit of several servers, and we have proactively shut down a handful of users' centric services to safeguard data and protect the majority of our services.

Our immediate priorities are to prevent further exposure and ensure data integrity.  We’ve had all hands on deck working on identifying the exploit vector, eliminating them, and are now focusing on verifying data integrity and restoring the impacted services.
The problem was initially discovered on QleeQ.com servers but our analysis indicates that several other machines were involved, and while we believe we've determined the extent of the attack, we are verifying all of our other services and data.
Once the immediate response to this attack is over, we will be providing a detailed account of the 'back to normal' mode.
Thank you for your understanding
Dan Schamir
QleeQ  CEO


QleeQ Universe Senseing (tm) or Q?

QleeQ is very proud to present the QleeQ Universe Sensing feature. 

It will further enable you to get a much more complex and dynamic results for our queries.

Sometimes you don’t know the Sensetence. You want to inquire ‘how many calories a one-mile run is burning’. You don't know how many calories though, so how can you complete the questions??

Well, now you can, with QleeQ Universe Sense ™ !

The syntax is as follows - wherever you don't know the how to complete of the question, write ?? (anywhere in the sentence, but only once with one space before and after). Pressing the Sense it now button, will show results in the right top panel called QleeQ Universe, along with an extra 5 other results) for you to click (at a descending order). So now you can try it yourself -

What is the brightest star in the sky? You want QleeQ to answer that for you? Either enter QleeQ.com and enter the Sensetence ?? is the brightest star in the sky , or click the below link
QleeQ will present “the dog star / Sirious”-  and will present the Mindtence

Let's try another one -
What is the Second brightest star in the sky?
either enter QleeQ.com and enter ?? is the second brightest star in the sky or click the below link
QleeQ Will present “Canopus is the second brightest star in the sky” with its Mindtense

Which prize did Obama won??
Try at QleeQ.com – Obama won the ?? Prize
or press the link below -

How many dimensions the String theory predicts ??
Try at QleeQ.com – String theory more than ?? dimensions
or press the link below -
Enjoy and please reply with your feedback to info@QleeQ.com 

Dan Schamir
CEO   QleeQ


QleeQ Order Sensing ™ - Q!

QleeQ is Proud to present – state of the art – cutting edge feature - 
QleeQ Order Sensing ™ - Q!

QleeQ Order Sensing ™ - Q! is specially designed for order sensitive Sensetences (QleeQ Sentences) like comparison - Better Than, Nicer etc.
Normally writing a sentence in Search engines, will not consider the order of the words, because a search engine uses key words and not a semantic full sentence meaning. QleeQ’s Q! will also include the words Order.

There is much to write and say about QleeQ Order Sensing ™, but I feel that an example will be much clearer –

Which president was better – Bush or Obama – let’s inquire the Internet’s Opinion -
1.     Writing Bush is better than Obama - will return a score (say 72%), but is it the right order?
2.     Write - !!Bush is better than Obama – and you’ll get another result (say rank 30%)
3.     Write - !!Obama is better than bush - and now you will get the real result!

w QleeQ Order Sensing ™ is all about the order!
Another example -
Vista is better than Windows 7 – presumably the Mindtence (QleeQ’s result) is high - is it true?
Try now using the QleeQ Order Sensing ™ and write !!Vista is better than Windows 7 – and gets the real result
You can also write the Q! version - !!Windows 7 is better than Vista and see the real meaning of what you wanted to enter.

We’d like you to tell us what you think about it? Please send it to QleeQ@QleeQ.com
Dan Schamir

QleeQ - Fastest way to Sun-up the Internet - a Tip

Short and Sweet - 
Before you start inquire with QleeQ, you can and sometimes should check if the phrase you are interested in is in QleeQ's Wisdom (Qdb).
To do that, before you type you're Sensetence - you should type your Subject phrase.
If you get a Real or Green result, go ahead - we are deep into providing you answers about it.


QleeQ - Sensing the Internet for Collective Wisdom - Quality Results

Dear QleeQ users - 
I’d like to Elaborate on a an important issue in QleeQ
Quality of Results - QleeQ is ever expanding its database (Qdb) and adding more and more sources and Wisdom. That means that there are yet some sentences that we understand. In order to present that to our users, we've added 4 levels of description to our results - QleeQ's Quality results.
Using them with the Mindtence result (the final ranking) will enable you to understand how well this ranking is credible.
Real, Well, Medium and Weak.
if Real is presented, near the final ranking, rest assured the final ranking represents the Real world's opinion about your sentence as described in the Internet.
Going thru Medium, well and weak, you can take it retrospectively and figure it out 

Enjoy QleeQ

Dan Schamir

QleeQ - Tips and Tricks

Dear QleeQ followers - 
Our development team is posting two tips for your swift usage of QleeQ - 
1. What happens while you enter only ‘One word’ or a term or any stem which is not a sentence?
Answer - QleeQ will present a result that describes the credibility and importance of that phrase in our Wisdom database.
2. We don't consider?
One of the issues frustrating Internet users is the extensive use of question marks during an article and in its title. This leaves you hanging not sure if the answer to the question is Yey or Ney.
In QleeQ we understand that and we are analyzing the article discarding any either meaning or not clear understanding or statement of something. We provide only the clear opinions.

Enjoy QleeQ

Dan Schamir

QleeQ Mobile - Fastest and Easiest way to sum up the Internet - from anywhere


QleeQ believes in Mobile. Look at the below details - 

1. Right now there are more Mobile devices held by personal people than Personal Computers, 
2. The number of smartphones is by-passing the non-smart ones
I believe the number of the above will doubly in the next decade.

The reason is simple, the Internet accessibility by smartphones from almost anywhere is becoming an integral part of our lives.

This also brings the problem closer than ever to us - the overwhelming amount of data and information on the web with a relative slow connection and small screen.

QleeQ is offering now a mobile version at www.QleeQ.mobi, with reduced functionality. It allows users to surf the web and instantly get an answer or the Internet's common opinion about any issue or subject. E.g., 
1. You are at Barnes & Noble and you'd like to know the indifferent opinion about a book,
2. You are at the cinema and you are wondering which movie is more romantic
3. You are at Radio Shack and thinking which Bluetooth USB is faster  

Now the problem is easily solved - go to www.QleeQ.mobi and find your answer


QleeQ - Sensing the Internet for Wisdom - updated the Qdb to Christmas 2010

QleeQ is happy to announce that the Internet's Collective Wisdom was updated to Christmas 2010 and now enabling even faster and more current way to sum-up the Internet

Enjoy - www.QleeQ.com