QleeQ - Sensing the Internet for Collective Wisdom - Quality Results

Dear QleeQ users - 
I’d like to Elaborate on a an important issue in QleeQ
Quality of Results - QleeQ is ever expanding its database (Qdb) and adding more and more sources and Wisdom. That means that there are yet some sentences that we understand. In order to present that to our users, we've added 4 levels of description to our results - QleeQ's Quality results.
Using them with the Mindtence result (the final ranking) will enable you to understand how well this ranking is credible.
Real, Well, Medium and Weak.
if Real is presented, near the final ranking, rest assured the final ranking represents the Real world's opinion about your sentence as described in the Internet.
Going thru Medium, well and weak, you can take it retrospectively and figure it out 

Enjoy QleeQ

Dan Schamir

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