QleeQ Year Sensing ™ or Q~ (QleeQ Time)

QleeQ is proud to intoroduce yet another exiting feature to better get Year oriented results more accurately.

QleeQ Year Sensing enable users to receive the Mindtense (the QleeQ Sense Scale result) according to the desired year, by adding the special ~~ idiom before the year.
For example, QleeQ Sensing – Spain won the world cup will return the general impression on that Sensetence, while writing Spain won the world cup~~2010 will possibly return a different result (much higher in that example)

Go ahead and try it –
  1. the Sensetence that is in its natural form

Please note – this feature may require QleeQ to process the data longer, thus may result in a slight longer response time.

Dan Schamir

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