QleeQ Sense ™ Best practice - Aspirin and Healthiness

People are using the Internet as a source for Data and sometime Information. The one important thing lacking is the Wisdom. 

Enter QleeQ Sense ™
QleeQ is analysing the Data on the Internet, process it into Information and provides Knowledge and Wisdom (the QleeQ's DIKW model).

In order to demonstrate it, below is an example of best practice with QleeQ's DIKW model that provides wisdom on Aspirin and Diseases, for the benefit of the people.
The below is merely a suggestion, you can try different type of QleeQ's Wisdom – you can QleeQ type it at www.QleeQ.com or use the links below each query.

1.Verify Aspirin is well known in QleeQ's Wisdom database (AKA Qdb) -
QleeQ type: Aspirin and click the Sense it button

2. Now let's see what is the relation between Aspirin and Cancer – can it prevent it?
QleeQ type: Aspirin may prevent Cancer

3. After you've verified Aspirin with Cancer, let's check the same with Heart attacks -
QleeQ type: Aspirin May Prevent Heart Attacks

4. We got Cancer and Heart attacks covered, now let's have it checked for a Stroke -
QleeQ type: Aspirin is a Treatment for Stroke

5.You can also check the general opinion / Recommendation about Aspirin
QleeQ type: I Recommend Aspirin

6. Now, it's your turn. Use QleeQ Wisdom to verify Aspirin (or any kind of medicine) can assist you
QleeQ type: Aspirin is a Treatment for

QleeQ wishes you all the best and strong health.
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