QleeQ Sharp Sense™ or Q#

QleeQ ™ is proud to present QleeQ Sharp Sense™ or Q#
While QleeQ Sense ™ is gaining traction from locations all over the world, our R&D (research and development) and Algorithms teams has been working relentlessly on Q#, which is now been deployed in Alpha mode.

In the current mode QleeQ ™ is operating, user enters a query in a Natural Language and in a press of a button receives a score which is ranked on a scale from 0 to 100%. the scale is colored red-grey-green.

The result will present the Internet's Common opinion about the term entered

Now, if that term presents a statement that has an actual Positive or Negative meaning, thus QleeQ Sharp Sensing ™ will detect it and will return, when activated, the result of the Internet's Common Opinion about that term minus the opposite meaning of the term!

Example –

However, activating QleeQ Sharp Sensing ™ will take into account the Opposite of the term in all its various meanings.

Try it and see for yourself – type in QleeQ.com ##I Love America or use that link to test it immediately in QleeQ

Dan Schamir

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