So what is QleeQ?

QleeQ Overview

QleeQ, with a patent pending idea, is developing a Product that is Ranking the Web, Sensing the most suitable web opinion on the user’s Sensetence and quickly presenting a simple scale that the user will be able to read in-a-glace. QleeQ won the first prize in the Israeli Startup Weekend voted by IBM, Google, Genesis Partners, Gemini, SIT (an innovation advocate company), the Startup Weekend management (Israeli and general) and others.

Search engines, Social Media and Wikis gather the Web or vertical market of the web and either present overwhelming number of results for the user to surf and decide, or presents a small oriented experts that try to solve Pure Facts Knowledge or best cases. In either way the user has to decide if the answer is correct and is suitable for him and spend time in both waiting for an answer or surf all the sites, blogs and wikis to find the opinion. Many companies (like News agencies, Commerce and others) invest a lot of efforts (time and money) to verify the most common opinion on its interesting Sensetences. The expenses users and companies made are in their core and non-core activities; hence carry implementation and maintenance costs.
Many surveys and researches were conducted about the mass information over the Web and to make it even more complicated, the Web 2.0 created a long tail of knowledge providers (blogs, websites, forums, social media etc.) thus making the information extraction a challenge. QleeQ solves this issue by presenting a user-friendly Scale to orient the user to the correct opinion.

Need QleeQ
Consumer problem #1 is to have a Credible Information Easily and Immediately based on his own interests with minimum efforts. Current tools make consumers and companies spend time and money researching and analyzing data in the overwhelming data on the web.

QleeQ Products
Digital Web Sense that enables users to enter their most interesting sentence (we call it Sensetence) and receive automatically and immediately a one-line, Red-Gray-Green scale, rank 0-100% of what is the common opinion on the web on it. A Sensetence can include – Thoughts, Opinion, Hobbies, Facts, none Facts, and actually all the interesting stuff the user has in mind.
The QleeQ True product will be issued in the future

QleeQ Mission
QleeQ Near-term mission statement is to Rank a User sentence according to a common opinion, based on digital Information Sources. QleeQ refers to the USER’s sentence as Sensetence and presents at a glance – in a Red-Gray-Green scale – an answer to “Other people are thinking that…”. The Rank is a number between 0 and 100%.

QleeQ is actually sensing the Web for the user’s opinion - Sensetence - thus saves time and efforts utilizing search engines, Wikis and knowledge bases. The rank is based on both Linguistic and Semantic engines. The business process is that a User shares his Sensetence, QleeQ’s algorithm goes into action and an answer is presented on the scale. Later the user is able to share his Sensetence on Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media. It is actually a reverse angel of social media’s question “What’s on your mind?”

QleeQ Long-term mission statement is to become the Credibility Authority of Information on the web by Providing Credibility Ranking of User Phrases based on Digital Information Sources and to Allow users to have a Rating and Ranking of a desired information.
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by, Dan Schamir
QleeQ, CEO founder

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