QleeQ - Sensing the Internet for Collective Wisdom

What -
·         Internet doubles itself every 8 month
  • Search statistics for users
    • in 2002 - 10 minutes for simple search
    • in 2007 - 20 minutes for simple search
    • in 2020 - 120 minutes for simple search (based on keywords algorithm)
  • Screening for non relevant information in search results increased from 10 minutes at 2001 to 20 minutes at 2008
    • Suggesting that human intelligence will be much more important than the search engine whilst searching
·         80% of Bing's queries are rephrased
  • Poor quality of search engines - 
    • Google textual database doubles itself every 8 months making search effectiveness and quality downgrades
·         Think Earth
o    Consumers waste 170 Billion KW/h for Insufficient Search Information
§  Annually, Globally; smartcamp.co.il
  • Complex queries are impossible to find  
    • "What is the divorce rate in the pacific-west?" it is up to the user's intelligence, decisions and cognitive abilities
    • "Electric cars are suitable for driving in desert conditions"?!
We aim QleeQ to solve the aforementioned issues by eliminating the use of ordinary "keywords search", moving towards Natural Language results

QleeQ provides a simple and intuitive user interface for analyzing the Internet without creating a ‘knowledge center’ site. This interface enables users to stay at their comfort zone sites – social media, news and entertainment, hobbies and finance etc. while getting the top up-to-date results for their most interesting topic.

See you in the next blog!
Dan Schamir

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