QleeQ Intelligence - Advance syntax

QleeQ Intelligence enables having the Internet Common Opinion about everything from the Internet.
Decision makers and analytic persons can type any query in a Natural Language and in a click of a button get a simple and inuitive dashboard of results

In QleeQ Intelligence, write queries like "X is better than Y" or "Z is the best" and much more.

QleeQ Intelligenceoffers some advanced syntax as well to further inquire about your interests

QleeQ Sensetence ™ advanced syntax
For situations where you’ll need more in-depth advanced feature from QleeQ™ use the advanced features as described bellow. For more information, please contact our support at support@QleeQ.com

Q# - QleeQ Sharp™ presents the Absolute rank of a query - positive minus negative - example: ##Sensetence - 

##I Love America
Q! – QleeQ Order™ - presents the Rank of the accurate order of a the words in the query - example: !!Sensetence -

!!Windows 8 is better than Vista 
Q~ - QleeQ Time™ - presents the Rank of a query only for the specific year mentioned. example: Sensetence~~20YY 

Obama is a good president~~2012

Q~~t – QleeQ Past Trend™ - presents the last five years trend of a query - example: Sensetence~~t 

Oil prices rose~~t

Q~~n – QleeQ Future Trend™ - presents the next five years trend of the query - example: Sensetence~~n 

Oil prices will rise~~n

Q? – QleeQ Universe™ - Auto Complete - presents the 5 best results of a partial query - example: ??Sensentence or Sensentence?? or Sensentence1 ?? Sensentence 2

?? is the best laptop

For more assistance, please drop us an email at support@QleeQ.com
Dan Schamir
QleeQ   CEO

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